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Darren Chaker counter forensics

By Darren Chakerhttp://darrenchaker.us, I typically post on TOR and give talks about cyber security, but could not resist to comment : Here’s the plan folks: when USA manufactured encryption is weakened, simply buy Russian, or any of the “546 encryption products from outside the US” per encryption guru Bruce Schneier. Besides the hype, the fact is the bill will never pass, but good to keep your options in mind!

Darren Chaker counter forensics
Darren Chaker recommends to encrypt everything!

On this note, and in honor of those who want to attack our privacy,  it’s suggested:

  1. Use a PIN, at least 6 digits for our phone and turn on encryption; do NOT use finger print to get in your phone as you can be forced to swipe your finger (mixed cases say yes and no, currently before the Ninth Circuit).
  2. Encrypt your computer’s hard drive – BitLocker is good for Windows (Windows 10 Pro comes with it – do NOT save back up pass-phrase to Outlook email as it provided this option – and do not write it down), BestCrypt is one of my favorites. Apple computers and tablets (as well as Android tablets) come with encryption, so turn it on. Once encrypted, the hard drive is a useless brick – just be sure your pass-phrase (aka password) is complex.
  3. Use a history wiping utility – CCleaner is free and a good product for the typical person to wipe internet history, delete digital tracks, and wipe hard drive at least once a week; CyberScrub or East-Tec do the same, but with additional options, and are cheap ($20-60 range).
  4. Encrypt (WPA2) your WiFi connection with a password (do not use the factory PW); if you want ultra security, get a secure router, I use Sophos.
  5. When using free WiFi, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) – this secures your info when away from home, and prevents the coffee shop selling your browsing data to third parties – remember – if it’s free – YOU are the product. It also prevents someone with technical know how from viewing your internet activities; and
  6. Go into your Google settings, and pause all search history, YouTube viewing history, location history, etc. While at it, delete the history too. If you like everything you do to be archived and available, that’s cool too. You decide your privacy fate.

Darren Chaker notes the above is the tip of privacy iceberg. It’s not everything one needs to do, but it is a lot more than most do. Keep in mind, doing the above helps protect the common folks, to the corporate executive whose computer is taken by a foreign company who wants to salvage corporate secrets from it.

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Greetings - I am Darren Chaker. I litigated a cutting edge First Amendment case for 7 of its 10 year lifespan. Chaker v. Crogan, 428 F.3d 1215 C.A.9 (Cal.),2005, Cert. denied, 547 U.S. 1128, 126 S.Ct. 2023, invalidated a statute on First Amendment grounds and overruled the California Supreme Court‘s unanimous decision in People v. Stanistreet, 127 Cal.Rptr.2d 633. Soon after Chaker v. Crogan, it was also used to strike down Nevada's analogous statute forcing the legislature to rewrite the law and used as the backbone authority in Gibson v. City of Kirkland, 2009 WL 564703, *2+ (W.D.Wash. Mar 03, 2009). My case is a leading case on viewpoint discrimination. In a recent case, Chaker v. Crogan was used to vindicate people who filed a complaint against police. Those people were arrested and charged with a law Chaker v. Crogan invalidated! They sued for being arrested and charged with an unconstitutional statute, Penal Code 148.6. The federal court denied the City's motion to dismiss and the case settled. See Cuadra v. City of South San Francisco, 2010 WL 55875, *1+ (N.D.Cal. Jan 04, 2010) I love the fight and made cutting edge case law in the end. No doubt without the support of the ACLU (Ramona Ripston, Mark Rosenbaum, Peter Eliasberg, & Dan Tokaji) winning on appeal, and Joshua Rosenkranz www.orrick.com/lawyers/Bio.asp?ID=225990 assembling a small army of the best attorneys to defeat the California Attorney General's efforts to have the U.S. Supreme Court reverse the Ninth Circuit---this case would not have had a backbone to stand on. The case has been cited over 196 times as authority, and written about extensively. * Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation s 2:28, Denial of First Amendment rights (2009) * Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech s 3:11, Viewpoint discrimination--Cross-burning reprised: Commonwealth of Virginia v. Black--Heavy presumption against viewpoint discrimination (2010) * Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech s 10:22.50, Brandenburg v. Ohio: Intent and imminence standard--Bond and Watts decisions--"True threats" (2010) * CHAKER V. CROGAN, 5 Cardozo Pub. L. Pol'y & Ethics J. 425, 444+ (2007) My case is active, living and breathing—forever helping people who once felt oppressed.